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This project falls within the funded proposal "SteelPro 4.0 - Sviluppo di acciai speciali attraverso innovazioni nella realizzazione del processo di fabbricazione, caratterizzazione dei materiali e controllo integrato dell'intera filiera produttiva". We aim at modeling the overall response of high strength steels from the microscopic realistic description of multi-phase material behavior, making use of accurate TEM and SEM phase reconstruction, computational homogenization strategies coupled with crystal plasticity in large strains, high performance computing. We are incorporating a crystal plasticity constitutive model in a UMAT user subroutine within the commercial finite element software Abaqus FEA, properly modified to take into account the inhomogeneities of the metal at issue. The mechanical response, at the grain scale, of the steel (stress-strain curve) and the orientation of its constituents crystals (texture) is captured by the Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method (CPFEM) in large deformation. Numerical results, obtained in Abaqus FEA, have been compared with experimental tests.


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